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A journalist of 25 years, Steve Kiggins is editor of the Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal. Prior to joining The Signal in December 2017, Kiggins was based in Utah as an executive editor in the USA TODAY Network and worked more than a decade in media and education in Wyoming. Follow him on Twitter, @scoopskiggy.

The battle of the brand

A strategic marketing plan – Who are the customers? Where are they? How do we communicate with them? How much will we spend to reach them? – can be the difference between success and failure.

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Four Questions: AMG & Associates

Looking for an authority on the construction industry? Look no further than Albert Giacomazzi and Anthony Traverso, the leaders of Santa Clarita-based company that has grown its revenues sixfold over its first 12 years.

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Four Questions: Dr. Shervin Sadrpour

A newcomer to the Santa Clarita Valley medical community, Dr. Shervin Sadrpour is a renowned specialist in the cutting-edge science of diagnosing and treating the electrical activities of the heart.

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