SCV Voices

SCV Voices

Having lived in the SCV since 1972, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it develop and grow.  Thus, I’m very excited to see our valley begin to create a fertile ground for new initiatives such as tech innovation, entrepreneurial growth, new methods of co-working, and more.

Scott Capistrano, President, Status Not Quo


The SCV is a great place to live and work. As a resident for 40 years, I have found it to be a wonderful community to raise a family with its highly recognized schools, sports opportunities, supportive churches and charities, and its “safest city” first responders.  As a local business owner for over 25 years, it’s the optimistic and cooperative attitude of the people (co-workers, private businesses, and public workers) that makes the SCV a desired and enjoyable business community where making new friends is a daily occurrence.

Calvin Hedman, President, Hedman Partners


I value working and living in Santa Clarita because it provides me the unique opportunity to enjoy business relationships on a more personal level.  I often run into clients, many have become friends, at business events or around town. The high level of local involvement and community spirit is a big part of the success of Santa Clarita.

Jeremy Stepan, Owner, Resurgence IT


Santa Clarita is a great place.  It is committed to being the community that works for all of its residents; from the youngest to the elderly.  It is the perfect place to raise a family, live and work.

Todd Stevens, President & CEO, California Resources Corporation




Jeremy Stepan
Todd Stevens
Calvin Hedman
Scott Capistrano



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